5 Best Affordable Outdoor Security Cameras

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Our home security is our first priority. As we want to feel safe in our own house. It also gives us peace of mind knowing that our family is protected. In today’s time, it’s not as difficult as it used to be to secure our houses. The easiest way to ensure the safety of your home is to install an external security camera. 

Finding the best affordable outdoor security cameras is not so easy as there are many outdoor security cameras and they are quite costly. Are you also confused about which outdoor security camera is best? Well, no more searching as we are here to help you.

These cheap outdoor security cameras have all the features which their steepers counterparts have such as low-lighting view, constant recording, motion sensor, long-life battery, high resolution, smartphone alert, and most importantly they are weatherproof. We have not only comprised a list of the best affordable outdoor security cameras for you but also highlighted their main traits.

5 Best Affordable Outdoor Security Cameras

1- DCT - Wireless Security Camera for Outdoor With 1080P Video & Color Night Vision

Battery-powered wireless security camera that you can use outdoors for your home, with excellent video quality 1080P and great features like color night vision, 2-way audio, waterproof

2- WANSVIEW - Best Outdoor Security Camera With 1080P Wired WiFi IP66

This camera records clear video with 1080P. And waterproof so it's perfect for outdoor use with motion detection, 2-way audio, records clear video in the dark from night vision mode, works with SD card storage and Alexa W6-4 pack.

3- DEKCO - Best Affordable Security Camera For Outdoor With Night Vision

Outdoor security camera, 180 degree rotating Wi-Fi camera with two-way audio, and with night vision technology, IP65, motion detection alarm (2 pack) for home security

4- WANSVIEW - Best Waterproof WiFi Security Camera For Outdoor

1080P Panel Tilt Surveillance Camera. It is a waterproof camera, with night vision technology, motion detection, 2 way audio, cloud storage and SD card storage. And works with Alexa.

5- VISEEFOCU - Wireless 1080P Battery Powered Security Camera System

This best affordable security camera is battery powered, and comes with various features such as, 1080P security camera with 2.4G WiFi, Motion Detection, Waterproof, Night Vision, 2-way Audio, SD / Cloud

1- DCT - Wireless Security Camera for Outdoor With 1080P Video & Color Night Vision

This wireless security camera not only helps you to secure your house but also acts as an intercom. With its two-way audio system, you can talk to strangers outside of your house. It’s very easy to install by yourself as it is a wireless camera so you don’t have to worry about dozens of wires.

Feature Details:

  • HD Resolution: This register 1920*1080p Full HD videos and also captures high-quality pictures.
  • Night View: It records clearer videos not just during the day but also at night. It also has a dual light source as well as a color mode for night vision.
  • PIR Motion Detection: With its PIR detection it can discriminate between humans, animals, and even vehicles.
  • Siren Alarm And Spotlight: Its built-in alarm and spotlight give extra security by deterring unwanted attention.  
  • Two-way Audio System: By its two-way audio system you can detect a person outside of your door is a threat or not.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: If fully charged for 8 hours it can last up to 6 months because of its low power technology.
  • Waterproof And Dustproof: This outdoor security camera can work even in rain and dust.
  • SD Card And Cloud Service: This security camera supports your local SD card storage up to 128GB. also provides a 30-days free trial of cloud service which contains cloud storage and many other benefits.


For an outdoor security camera, the most important feature is its weather resistance. This camera’s waterproof and dustproof feature at such a low price is what makes it one of the best affordable outdoor security cameras. Because at this price it’s almost impossible to find a weatherproof security camera.

Flexible Battery:

This security camera can be recharged by a USB cable as well as by solar panel because of which you don’t have to charge it again and again. Having a solar powered system can also work as an extra battery supply. Its flexible battery made it both indoor as well as an outdoor camera.

AI PIR Motion Detection:

Another awesome feature of this camera is the AI PIR motion detection. PIR motion detectors can distinguish between humans, animals, and vehicles. With this technology, it only sends classified notifications and filters all unnecessary information. This is an advanced feature that also saves battery. To find this feature at such an affordable price is certainly a miracle.

2- WANSVIEW - Best Outdoor Security Camera With 1080P Wired WiFi IP66

WANSVIEW provides the same quality security cameras as any other in-brands but at an affordable price. This WANSVIEW outdoor security camera is an upgraded version. It certainly provides all updated features such as enhanced night vision, HD video quality, precise motion detection, 2-way audio, and two methods of storage. It’s also easy to install.

Feature Details:

  • High Resolution: Its 1080p resolution captures crystal clear pictures and videos.
  • Waterproof: Being waterproof is a great advantage as it also works in the rain. It can work in temperature ranges from -10 degrees to 40 degrees.
  • Motion Detection: With its motion detection it can easily detect any intruder and send an alert notification or alarm.
  • Night Vision: It gives the same quality pictures and videos at night as in the daytime.
  • Two-way Audio: This feature allows you to be in two places at once. You can even talk to your loved ones anytime you like and also scare off any invaders. 
  • Works With Alexa: It even works with Alexa and allows you to control it just through your voice.
  • Flexible Storage: WANSVIEW security camera has two-way storage. You can use your own SD card as it supports a 128GB card or paid cloud storage.

Best Quality Pictures And Videos:

WANSVIEW outdoor security camera is one of the best affordable security cameras out there. Its high resolution is one of its main features. To have high-resolution pictures or videos of the outside of your house is very significant. So that you can clearly detect any suspicious activity near your house and report it with clear video evidence. 

Night-time Security:

We need security at all times, not in just the daytime. Most security cameras only work in the daytime or even if they work at night the video quality is very poor. This outdoor security camera not only provides a night view but also in high resolution of 1080p. It works perfectly at night time as it does in the daytime.

3- DEKCO - Best Affordable Security Camera For Outdoor With Night Vision

Making our house a safe sanctuary for ourselves and our family is always a necessity for all of us. And for that, we need the best outdoor security camera under our budget. Well, Decko’s outdoor security camera is one of the most reliable cameras out there. You can comfortably install it anywhere. It has a high resolution, night view, two-way talking system, and much more.

Features Details:

  • Night View: You don’t have to be panicked at night now because this security camera can even work at ht and provides high-quality night vision so that you can easily notice anything at night.
  • 1080p Resolution: Its high resolution gives crispy clear pictures and videos without any hitch. 
  • Wide-Field View: With its 180° wide-field view you can see on the left and right and secure house from all sides.
  • Motion Detection: It provides instant alert notification to your phone when it detects motion. You can even change its sensitivity and range of monitoring according to your needs. 
  • Two-way Talk: Decko’s outdoor security camera provides a high-grade quality speaker and microphone so that you can acutely greet or talk to people outside of your house.

Wide Range:

In today’s time when everything is so expensive that you find it difficult to spend on multiple things. However, security is something you can’t ignore but buying multiple security cameras can be a hazard. With Decko’s outdoor security camera you don’t have to get three or four cameras to cover your entire house as its 180° revolving rotation covers a wide range. It can work in place of two or three cameras at once. With this feature, it’s the best cheap outdoor camera system.

Night View Visibility:

Having a night vision in an outdoor security camera can be quite pricey. Recording without sunlight requires expensive equipment but this security camera allows you to record at night without any problem or extra charges. Its night vision is effective even in the lowest of lighting that enables you to see in lowlight or no light at all. Its night view visibility is up to 98 ft which gives you more security.

4- WANSVIEW - Best Waterproof WiFi Security Camera For Outdoor

Finding a pan-tilt camera at this price is an impossible feat. Pan-tilt security cameras are always better than your average security camera as it provides a wide-field view without installing two or more cameras. This outdoor security camera not only provides a pan-tilt view but also gives great video and audio quality, water resistance, and motion detection.

Features Details:

  • 1080p High Resolution: This camera captures high-resolution pictures and videos which makes it easy for you to identify anything or anyone without actually going outside.
  • Weatherproof: It’s waterproof and can work from -10 degrees to 50 degrees which enables it to work in rain, wind, and snow without any glitches.
  • Clear Night Vision: With its clear night vision darkness is not a problem anymore. It can record at night without any difficulty.
  • Active Motion Detection: Motion sensors of this camera detect any minuscule motion and send a 10s video alert to your phone.
  • Pan-Tilt Control: You can control the area it covers outside your house. With this facility, you can decide how much area you want under surveillance.
  • Accessible Storage: You are free to choose any way you want to store your data because it provides flexible storage. You can either store your data in your SD card or cloud storage. It supports a 128GB SD card.
  • Two-way Talk System: Being able to talk to your parents, children, partner, fulfills or a stranger anywhere you are is possible because of its two-way audio system.
  • Alexa Friendly: You are easily able to order it with your Alexa and it responds with accuracy and politeness.

Pan-Tilt View:

Pan-tilt view makes it effortless for you to monitor your house from all sides. This security camera’s wide-angle lens can vertically rotate up to 360° and tilt up to a 90-degree angle. This range helps you to view your house completely. A pan-tilt security camera allows you to inspect more than a fixed camera can as it moves left to right and up and down. It can monitor larger areas whereas to watch the same area you need multiple fixed cameras. You can even zoom into any area with its megapixel.

Two Types Of Storage:

There are many instances when your security cameras get stolen. The major problem you face in that situation is the recovery of your data. How can you recover your data? Well, this security camera has a solution for that problem, you can store your data in your cloud storage and can even upload it on the cloud so wherever you are you can easily have your data at hand. There is another way for you to store your data and that is your SD card. This camera supports a 128 GB SD card.

5- VISEEFOCU - Wireless 1080P Battery Powered Security Camera System

This outdoor security camera fulfills the best budgeted outdoor home security system. With the necessary features that are required in a reliable security camera. This security camera has high-resolution, night-vision, motion detection, wide-angle, two-way audio, different types of storage, and long battery life. It is a weatherproof security camera that enables it to work in harsh weather conditions. VISEEFOCU’s security camera is completely wireless making it much easier to install without any complicated tools.

Features Details:

  • Weather Resistant: This camera is waterproof and dustproof so that it can operate in rain, wind, or snow.
  • Completely Wireless: Being 100% wireless is what makes it effortless to install for everyone.
  • Powerful Battery: With 6000 mAh rechargeable battery enables it to work on standby for up to 180 days.
  • Two-way Audio: Its loud and clear speakers and sensitive microphone make two-way talking much comfortable and without any disturbance.
  • Wide Range: 130° wide-angle surveillance larger areas than a normal fixed camera and makes it easier to cover the wider area.
  • PIR Motion Detection: PIR motion detection detects even the smallest motion and starts recording. However, it filters all useless information and sends an alert notification to your phone.
  • 1080p HD Quality: 1080p resolution allows you to capture Full HD quality videos and pictures. 
  • Infrared Night Vision: HD infrared night vision makes the recording as clear in the nighttime as it’s in the daytime.
  • SD Card And Cloud Storage: This security camera’s flexible storage makes it possible for you to store your data in an SD card as well as in cloud storage.

Wireless Outdoor Camera:

This security camera is a wireless camera which is one of the best features. As you know, installing a security camera is quite difficult for an average person because it has so many wires and complicated tools. But wireless cameras are easy to install as compared to their wired counterparts. They don’t need an internet port and don’t require any wiring. Visee Focus camera can be installed anywhere, you can even use it as an indoor camera. 

Rechargeable Battery: 

In wireless cameras, the battery is a major issue as its battery doesn’t last long and you have to charge it frequently. This camera has a 6000mah battery power that is its dominant quality. It can work up to 180 days without being charged which makes it different from other wireless cameras and also the best outdoor security camera.


Security cameras have become a major part of our life not just in our homes but also in our offices, restaurants, parks, etc. With its growing demand, its price is also increasing so finding the best affordable outdoor security cameras is not an easy job. We have searched high and low to discover the best affordable outdoor security cameras for you.

This was our list of the best affordable outdoor security cameras. With so many different companies producing security cameras every year, it makes people confused about which one to get.  We hope this cleared up your confusion regarding an outdoor security camera at a low price. Now you can decide which outdoor security camera is best for you.