Best Commercial Security Camera System 2022

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To secure your workplace you need the best commercial security camera system. To secure our business we should install the best commercial security camera system. Security cameras are cynical for small businesses as well as large-scale businesses.  

It’s a bit difficult to keep your workplace safe and secure. Not only outsiders but sometimes you can’t even trust an employee. So to prevent your assets from being stolen, vandalism, and tampering with devices, installing a security camera system is a must. A good security system makes your workplace safe, efficient, and comfortable.

Commercial surveillance requirements are different from the home security or the security of any other place such as parks, shopping malls, etc.  A commercial camera system is not the same as your common home security system. Commercial-grade cameras require IP cameras, high definition cameras, and cameras should have varifocal lenses and PTZ (pan tilt zoom) function which allows you to pan, tilt or zoom the lens. Night vision and motion detection is also a key feature in commercial-grade cameras. Below is the list of camera systems having these features and more.

5 Best Commercial Security Camera Systems

1- ONWOTE - 5MP Bullet Security Camera System With 16 Channel 4TB HDD NVR

4TB HDD Storage NVR (support up to 16TB), Power Over Ethernet, Recommended Uses For Indoor Outdoor, 5MP Wired Cameras, 16CH Synchro Playback, Real-Time Motion Alert, and Easy Remote Access

2- GW Security - Smart AI Dome Security Camera System 16 Channel Ultra HD 4K NVR

8MP Ultra HD 4K Cameras, 3840x2160p Resolution Video, 130FT IR Night Vision, 15 AI Functions, Motion Detection, And IP66 Waterproof Cameras

3- REOLINK - 4K Bullet Security Camera System 16CH NVR with 3TB HDD

4K Ultra HD Cameras, Plug and Play PoE System, 4K/8MP 16CH NVR With Pre-installed 3TB HDD, IP66 Certified Weatherproof, Reliable Remote Access, Smart Motion Alerts,

4- ZOSI - Outdoor Security Camera System With 4TB Hard Drive 16CH CCTV Recorder

Business Surveillance Kit, Bullet Cameras, Weatherproof, Night Vision, 1080p DVR With Built-in 4TB, Motion Alert, Remote Access, Playback on Smart Devices, And Smart Notifications With Image

5- Anpviz - 16 Channel NVR POE Waterproof Security Cameras System With Business Kit

8MP 16CH PoE NVR with 4TB HDD, 4K Ultra HD Live Viewing And Recording, Audio Record, Remote Access from Multi-platform, Super-wide 108° Viewing Angle, And IR range up to 98ft

1- ONWOTE - 5MP Bullet Security Camera System With 16 Channel 4TB HDD NVR

Onwote 16-ch camera system comes with 16 cameras each camera is a 5mp HD camera. This is an outdoor camera system but it can be used indoors as well. All cameras are weather resistant which helps them to operate outdoors easily. They are bullet cameras. It is a wired camera system, you can power it over ethernet. This is the best commercial security camera system.

Feature Details:

  • Audio Feature: The audio feature helps you to record audio with the video. 
  • Weather Resistant: It can work in a chilling environment of -22°F and an environment as hot as 140°F.
  • Wide Angle: These cameras have a diagonal angle of 90°.
  •  Super HD Resolution: Each camera delivers 5 megapixels (2592×1944) of high-quality videos.
  • Power Over Ethernet: The cameras are powered over ethernet so you can place your cameras anywhere without the worry about the power outlet. 
  • Motion Detection: The cameras can start recording whenever any suspicious motion is detected.  
  • Real-Time Motion Alerts: You will receive an alert notification when cameras detect any movement. 
  • Remote Access: All your videos can be viewed via an app on your smartphone or PC.

Access To All Your Videos:

Remote viewing gives you peace of mind wherever you are as you can access your office and its surroundings easily. The remote viewing allows you to view your business virtually through an internet connection on your mobile phone, desktop, or laptop. It also helps you keep an eye on your employees no matter where you are. Furthermore, it keeps all your assets secure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Which browser do we need and can we extend cameras outside the detacher gear? 

Answer: This system only operates on the IE browser. The NVR supports the cable of 300ft at most.

Question: Is cloud backup available in this system?

Answer: No, this system doesn’t support cloud backup.

2- GW Security - Smart AI Dome Security Camera System 16 Channel Ultra HD 4K NVR

This is also a 16 channel security camera system, however, each camera has 8mg resolution which is one of the highest resolutions. With such high-definition cameras, you can view the smallest of details. Its other key features involve color night vision, smart ai functions, built-in microphone, wide field of view and ip67 rated weather resistance. It can be used as both an indoor and outdoor security camera system. These are dome cameras.

Feature Details:

  • Ultra HD Resolution: Ultra HD resolution makes your videos crystal clear enabling you to notice the unnoticeable details.  
  • IP67 Weatherproof: IP67 weatherproof cameras save your cameras from the harsh weather elements.
  • Human Detection: It only detects motion and doesn’t record the irrelevant motions of an animal or the moving traffic.
  • AI Smart Detection: It only sends you alert notifications when movement is detected and also filters the unnecessary movements.
  • Built-in Microphone: Built-in microphone allows you to record audio of the videos. 
  • Colored Night Vision: With colored night vision you can monitor the security of your business even at night in full color. You can see up to 130ft at night.
  • Wide Field View: 115° wide field of view allows you to see all the corners of your workplace.
  • H.265+ Compression: It saves valuable storage by compressing the size of the videos.

Smart AI Functions:

In today’s world security is made very efficient. With the invention of artificial intelligence, our gadgets have become the whole system in themselves. This security system has 15 ai smart functions which makes it quite effective in terms of security. These 15 ai functions are area intrusion, line crossing, region entrance, region exiting, fast-moving, object missing, unattended object, loitering detection, parking detection, human detection, people gathering detection, blurred detection, scene change detection, audio exception detection, and crossing line statistics. All these features make this system the best commercial security camera system.

Frequently Asked Question: 

Question: How many infrared lights do this system have?

Answer: Each camera carries 42 pieces of infrared LEDs that enable you to see up to 100ft.

Question: Can we rotate the dome cameras?

Answer: Yes you can rotate the cameras manually by taking them out of their cover.

3- REOLINK - 4K Bullet Security Camera System 16CH NVR with 3TB HDD

Reolink security camera system is a 16 ch camera system. It has 8 PoE wired bullet cameras. They provide you with a 30 days money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty. You can contact them through amazon or their email address and they will replace any defective or broken product. With a money-back guarantee, you can save your money and also check out the system. This will help you to decide whether this system is suitable for your needs.

Features Details:

  • High-Resolution Videos: 8 megapixels (3840 × 2160) cameras create more true-to-life videos. 
  • IP66 Weather Protection: These cameras can endure the most difficult of weathers enabling them to work outdoors. Their weather resistance range is from -10℃ to 55℃.
  • Smart Motion Detection: It only detects human motion and suspicious vehicles and sends you an immediate alert notification when a threat is detected.
  • PoE System: It is a 100% plug-and-play system. The installation of the system is quite easy because power, sound, and video all run through a single cable. So you don’t have to deal with multiple cables.
  • Shareable Access: You can share the access with your business partner or anyone you trust with your business. As 12 users can view the live access at the same time. 
  • Live Video Monitoring: No matter where you are, you can monitor your videos from anywhere with REOLINK software.
  • Secure Data: REOLINK keeps your data encrypted as its servers are not involved in the storage of the data.

Easy To Install:

It’s easy to install because of the PoE system. The PoE system simply transmits power, video, and audio all through a single cable making it easy to install the whole system by yourself. It not only makes the system easier to install but also gives better video quality because ethernet supports higher bandwidth than the wireless connection. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What kind of ethernet cable does this system have?

Answer: The system comes with an 8x 18M Cat5 cable for each camera. 

Question: Does this system work without the internet?

Answer: Yes, the system can work without the internet. However, without internet access, you can’t remotely view live video. Nonetheless, you can watch it with the NVR interface locally.

Question: Can we add more cameras to the 16 channel system?

Answer: Yes you can add another REOLINK B800 or D800 and add them to a 16 channel system.

4- ZOSI - Outdoor Security Camera System With 4TB Hard Drive 16CH CCTV Recorder

The system comes with excellent equipment options which are a 16 channel H.265+ DVR with 4TB HDD built-in, 8 1080P bullet cameras + 8 1080P HD dome cameras, 16  CCTV cables (BNC & power), 4 1 to 4 power splitter cables, 5 12V 2A/3A power supply, 16 mounting screw bags, 16 warning stickers, and 1 USB mouse.

The key features of the cameras are high-quality videos, intelligent and customized motion detection, secure recording, H265+ compression technology, and multiple viewing.

Feature Details:

  • 1080P Resolution: 1080P resolution provides you with extremely crisp videos. 
  • Customized Motion Detection: You can customize the detection zone and the sensitivity of the motion that will reduce the false alarms 
  • Intelligent Motion: It only detects the motion of the person so that you won’t receive unnecessary annoying notifications. 
  • Alert Notification: When motion is detected it sends you immediate alerts in the form of emails, app push notifications, or buzzer alarms in the DVR. 
  • Secure Recording: You can see all your recordings whenever you want as they are securely stored in the DVR. Videos can be viewed according to the timeline by simply selecting the date and time of the video.
  • Night Vision: Infare led lights allowed you to see even at night and illuminate up to 80ft. 
  • 90° Wide Angle: With a 90° wide field of view you can see as much as possible with a single camera. 
  • Compression Technology: Compression technology saves space on your dvr and allows you to record for a longer period of time. 
  • Multiple Viewing: You can share your live feeds with multiple people and simultaneously see them.

HD Resolution:

When you deal with security camera systems one of the main features is the quality of your video. This camera provides you with a 1080p resolution.  This resolution prevents your high-definition video from looking grainy or washed out. HD quality makes it easier to detect and identify intruders. In addition to that, it also helps you to keep an eye on the employees as well as the coming and going of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How much power do these cameras require to operate?

Answer: This camera can operate with a power supply of 12V 500mA.

Question:  How long will the cable for each camera be?

Answer: The cable will be 60ft long for each camera, it comes with the full package.

5- Anpviz - 16 Channel NVR POE Waterproof Security Cameras System With Business Kit

There’s a lot to love about the Anpviz security camera system as it brings the heat in terms of quality. The system comes with 12 dome cameras. Dome security cameras got their name from their shape. These cameras can withstand weather elements. The way cameras are structured, they can operate in the lowest of lights due to the built-in infrared LED. The camera features IP66 weatherproof, ultra HD video quality, PoE ports, H.265+ compression technology, widest angle, network remote access, night vision, and audio recording.

Feature Details:

  • 4K HD Resolution: With 5 megapixels cameras you can detect details like license plate numbers, logos on clothing, and even facial features 
  • Audio Recording: When it comes to security cameras audio recording is just as necessary as video recording. It’s a good thing that this camera records both audio and video. 
  • Sharp Night Vision: Its built-in infrared led lights provides clean, clear video, day or night
  • Widest Of Angles: There are quite a few blind spots in a workplace, so its 108° wide angle helps you to monitor a larger area.
  • PoE Ports: With PoE ports, you don’t have to connect any extra cables as a single is used for both a power supply and a video signal.   
  • Recording Space: H.265+ compression technology reduces the size of the video and saves space. 
  • Network Remote Access: Remote access allows you to access all your videos on your smart device through an app. 
  • Weatherproof: They are fairly resilient when used outdoors. It can work even when there is moisture, dust, or pests.
  • Motion Detection Alerts: Whenever cameras detect motion, it sends an alert notification on your smart device. It also reduces false alarms.

Advanced Recording:

Commercial-grade security requires both audio and video records as it helps us to know what’s going within our business. Audio recording helps us to take necessary preventative measures before the crime is committed. That saves us from potential attack or a con. We can also know the happenings within the office and if the employees are working properly. However, in some places, audio recording may not be legal so we have to turn it off. 


This was the list of the best commercial security camera systems recommended by us. Hopefully, this list helps you in some way and somewhat eases your confusion about getting the best commercial security camera system. Every business needs different kinds of security, some require outdoor whereas some require indoor but sometimes you need both outdoor and indoor security. Almost all cameras in our list are outdoor as well as indoor cameras. We hope any of the camera options in our list is the one for you.